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Welcome to Taste of India Restaurant, home of the tradition and exquisite preparation in North Eastern Wisconsin area. We have made a commitment to bring variety, high quality and large selection of Indian dishes. Our goal is to present a large variety of tastes and preparations as a way of introduction to the regions of India. All without having to increase the price to average enthusiast, or glutton alike.

We are offering South-Indian and North-Indian as part of our lunch buffet as well as regular menu preparations. We also offer catering services to small and large events, weddings, graduations, corporate and holiday parties, executive events. The chefs at Taste of India Green Bay use best ingredients, fresh vegetables and best meats in town. Try the distinct taste of such dishe Vegetarian Assorted Appetizer and Non-Vegetarian Appetizer, a savory collection of Tandoori preparations including Seeks-kabob, Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Kebabs, and much more. Also don't forget to try many of our authentic Indian drinks, as well at the bar, which offers a wide selection of wines and more.


From our Chefs


Basmati rice cooked with chicken chunks, green vegetable. nuts and spices.

Aloo Tikka

Chopped Potatoes, green peas, Gram flour, Deep Fried.


Light, fluffy-puffed, deep fried.

Gajjar Halwa

Shreded carrots, slivered almonds with butter flavor of spices and sugar.

We believe that you are what you eat. Therefore it is important to consume healthy and well prepared food to keep your body fit

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Taste of India

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